Useful academic sites

Below is a list of the commonly used academic job search websites that you may find helpful.

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Articles on application materialsArticles on conference interviewing
Changing My Mind About CVsHow to Build Your CVCommon Pitfalls to Avoid in Your CVCan a CV Be Too Long?‘The Quick and Relatively Painless Guide to Your Academic Job Search’: ResourcesPreparing for the ConventionsThe Conference Interview: Dos and Don’tsMinding Your Manners For The Conference InterviewYour First Interview: The Vitae Primer
Articles on campus interviewsArticles on negotiating offers
Preparing for Your Interview7 Hazards of the Campus InterviewA Guide to Campus InterviewsWhat to Ask (and Not Ask) in Your InterviewShow Them You Really Want the JobOn the Job Market? Don’t Sell Yourself Short, Even NowNegotiation 101: Find Out What’s Really NegotiableThe Best Problem: Dealing With More Than One Job Offer